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Effective communication in the workplace Duration : 1 Day     Candidates :  All levels of Staff

Workshop is designed to provide a realistic foundation for the development of listening skills, and effective communication.
  • The importance of Listening and being heard
  • Understanding what is being said
  • Use of specific language
  • Avoiding mind read
  • Perception and Projection 

Tolerance in the Workplace  Duration : 1 Day  Candidates : all levels of staff 

Workshop to explore methods of communicating and tolerance within the workplace. 
  • Explanation not confrontation
  • How to mediate objectively
  • Understanding ownership of issues
  • Importance of Perception
  • Resolution not a Win Lose situation

Managing Stress  Duration : 1 Day   Candidates : All level of Staff 

Workshop is designed to explain the causes of undue stress, its impact on the business and how to reduce it. 
  • Ownership
  • Transferance
  • Effective Communication is Crucial
  • Specific use of language
  • Removal of ambiguity
  • Realistic expectations
  • Management