The Solution – Adopt a proactive approach Take Charge of the situation and appoint an independent consultant to work directly with your employees.

The Confederation of British Industry estimate that 172 million working days were lost to absenteeism in 2007 at a cost of £13.2 billion pounds.

Cost of sickness absence amounts to more than salary costs.  

The Impact 

  • Decreased Efficiency, Production, Motivation, Morale.
  • Increased Running Costs, Work-Load, Recruitment costs.
  • A small handful of long-term absences can seriously increase the overall running costs.
  • Knowing the effect on the bottom line is a vital component but what practical measures can you put in place to address the problem?
  • Majority of issues affecting employees are non work related but drastically reduce their effectiveness at work.

The Solution   Adopting a proactive approach 

  • Increases Efficiency, Production, Motivation, Morale .
  • Decreases Running Costs, Work-Load, Recruitment costs.
  • Shortens many long term absences.
  • Reduces the ad-hoc sickness days.
  • Identifies training needs.

Our Person centred Solution for your business

  • We provide your employee a one to one consultation in complete confidence for them to identify their root cause for absence.
  • Employees are inclined to be more open and frank with an independent consultant. This reduces the time an issue takes to be identified and a recovery plan put into place.
  • We provide Employee assistance programs either in house or offsite to offer employees a confidential arena to express concerns without feeling compromised.
  • We then work with the employee to address the issues and assist them to move forward and return to making a full contribution to the company.
  • We provide additional training and support services.